Friday, July 6, 2012

the Avoid Duplicate Content Delima, Competition creates Duplicate effort by its very Nature

Avoid Duplicate Content
Since Google is getting confused with all these duplicate webpages they rate down pages with duplicate content. Did you register various Domain-Names that point to the same content? Then you are in danger... it's similar to the Government punishing the Mafia for competing for money and power with unethical methods.... like an IRS where us victims well outnumber the perpetrators, yet the public can't DEMOCRATICALLY (effectively) vote for how much extortion they are willing to bare.

So Google doesn't want you wasting the internet's power and efficiency by creating duplicate content (for ranking advantage) but they're okay with "their internet" being full of competitive content duplication so that they can sell ads to multiple competitors and get rich off of the innate inefficiency of the uneccessary struggle for the prized PAGE 1...!

To avoid the duplicate content-problem let all the secondary-pages forward to your real webpage. You can do this via the .htaccess (prefered) or an HTTP-Forwarding. You should use the permanently moved commands like:
redirect permanent /index.htm